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sometime to sometime offers values-driven executive ghostwriting. Named after a phrase from the novel Breakfast of Champions, the company was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's humanism.

Specializing in books, articles, and e-books, we develop stories through talks with you and by assessing relevant media. We advance your personal brand and optimize depth through research and incorporation of enhancing, validating viewpoints.

sometime to sometime's extensive background includes ghostwriting placements with Forbes and professional associations, as well as book and publication writing/editing/production.

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As we write and edit, we organically develop marketing ideas that can help get your message to a large, well-aligned audience. This holism extends to our values-driven model: we center ourselves on business leaders in environmental and human rights.

Choosing projects that motivate us to further excellence, all assignments we take are labors of love that command our passion. Committed to bettering the world, we are as concerned with tangible results as you are.

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Above: sometime to sometime owner Kent Roberts

Owner Kent Roberts (he/him) has a Bachelor's from Brown University, where he edited the humor magazine. After graduation, he wrote headlines for The Onion and coauthored a humor book published by Random House.

While earning a Master's in English in 2012, Roberts started writing for businesses, including articles and media responses for Entrepreneur and Forbes. He wrote extensive business content, often creating headlines/titles. Kent edited books, including college textbooks.

In 2020, Roberts launched sometime to sometime, focusing on executive ghostwriting. He felt he had more to give to complex projects. This year, Kent further sharpened his efforts to specialize in values-driven work.


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