I (Kent Roberts) have a BA from Brown University, where I chief-edited the humor magazine. After graduation, I contributed headlines regularly to The Onion; wrote and performed a solo show directed by eventual Law & Order: Special Victims Unit producer Paul Grellong; and coauthored a Random House-published humor book with New Yorker contributor Andrew Barlow.

On the side, I sold movie tickets, delivered laundry, received calls for a kitchen tools company, and entered advertising data in the Empire State Building. Eventually I took a sales job while studying for a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) in English at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.


Publicity / content writing & CEO ghostwriting:

  • Blogs

  • E-Books

  • Press Releases

  • Media Interview Responses

  • Prominent Magazine Articles

  • Advice & Memoir Books

  • Editing Projects

Ethical. Driven by your objectives. Extending your intelligence.

 During the same period, I had a humor piece in The New York Times and a viral headline in The Onion that spurred two international news stories. I also began writing for businesses, including CEO ghostwriting and interview responses for/to Entrepreneur and Forbes.

In 2020, I rebranded with the launch of Sometime to Sometime, LLC, inspired by a gravestone in Kurt Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions. To me, thinking of a person as existing between "sometime" and "sometime" is a darkly comic reminder to seize the day.

Creatively, I am writing two novels (one science-fiction and one based on a brief interaction I had with Vonnegut prior to his death) and writing/producing a demo of a short children's cartoon pilot.

I handed a writing sample to the late Joseph Heller in 1998. He sent a note calling it "witty" and "promising." I have high expectations for my work. Writing well is not just a business concern but is core to my sense of self.


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