Statement from the Founder

"Not content writing.
Substance writing."


At Sometime to Sometime, we do not do content writing so much as substance writing. Products have contentsContent gives volume to pillows. Substance has deeper value. In fact, substance can define form.

The challenge of content and publicity writing is taking substantive insights and accessibly conveying them. The substance is not fundamentally your expert knowledge. Rather, it’s the most prospect-accessible, customer-relevant information related to your field. Your substance, cogent and knowledge-rich information, builds relationships and sales. Calls to action drive keyword-filtered visitors to your relevant service pages and resources.

Substance writing is a much more powerful marketing tool than content writing could ever be. Thoughtful informational essays that meet readers where they are exude value,  broadly advancing your authority. They are not space-filling content. Soundly researched and organized, they serve function ethically and with soul.

— Founder Kent Roberts 

Roberts in July 2021


Why hire a

substance writer?

  • Remove — Being external helps us empathize with and understand the customer perspective.

  • ROI-aware — We stay focused on revenue and how our work impacts your brand's reputation.

  • Specialization — Our field is content writing. We are savants at researching and writing.

  • Editing — We make sure your communications are logical, concise, and use parallel structure.

  • Proofreading — Copy must be clean so that nothing is distracting from your message.


About S2S

Sometime to Sometime is a publicity and substance / content writing agency that produces blogs, ebooks, and press releases, as well as personal branding via magazine articles, media response, and books.

While S2S specializes in sustainability and compliance, the company has a broad background in healthcare, IT, and real estate. We can write on densely technical topics for any industry and can research anything. Plus, we can incorporate humor.

The founder has a BA from Brown University, where he chief-edited the humor magazine. After graduating, he contributed headlines to The Onion and coauthored a humor book (Random House). 

While earning an MLA in English at the University of South Florida, Roberts started writing for businesses, including articles and media responses for Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Roberts launched Sometime to Sometime in 2020, inspired by a quote from Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. He continues to write and produce humor, as well as throwing various balls with his 15-year-old son.

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